Can Sciatica SOS Cure your Sciatica in 7 Days? – Review

If you have spent a lot of time looking for a queue for sciatica then you have most probably heard about this new program by Glen Johnson called Sciatica SOS. It is a program that guarantees to cure your sciatica in only seven days.

But how exactly does this program work? Can you really queue sciatica pain this fast?

I have spent a lot of time studying SciaticaSOS to learn the truth. Here is what I discovered.


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SciaticaSOS is a program created by Glen Johnson, a victim of sciatica whose pain was so violent that he became unable to perform his day to day activities. Tasks as simple as going to the grocery store. Much to his shame he had to resort to the aid of his wife to perform literally everything.

After many years of fighting sciatica and with an increasing pain, he tried almost all forms of conventional cure for sciatica. None of them worked. He regularly visited his chiropractor but this too proved to be futile after some time. Alas, Glen was left to himself. He realized it was time to try something new.

It was at that time that he discovered a new technique to cure sciatica from a Nepalese family friend. Nepalese family friend. This treatment was originally developed in Nepal thousands of years ago, and allowed Glen to auto-treat himself almost instantly. In 5 days, his sciatica pain disappeared completely. He finally discovered a miracle cure for sciatica and one he was able to market to millions of sciatica sufferers worldwide with his book Sciatica SOS.

What is Included in Sciatica SOS?

It is a 120 page PDF manual that walk you through the various steps in treating your own sciatica naturally. You will learn the steps to (1) getting a sound sleep (2) a mysterious and yet effective solution for sciatica (3) amazingly simple exercises to treat your condition.


There are many advantages to this program.

  • It works really fast and claims to cure your sciatica within 7 days or less.
  • There is no expensive doctor or chiropractor appointment so it will save you a lot of money in the long term
  • Simple and easy to perform exercises
  • Regain your self-confidence and life back


  • There are also few cons to it.
  • Only available as a digital download
  • Need to be consistent with the guide to achieve results

Overall, Sciatica SOS is an absolutely amazing product that will most likely rid you of your sciatica pain fast. I highly recommend you try it.

Where to Download Sciatica SOS?

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Head over to the official site at to download the Sciatica SOS program. It also comes with a solid money-back guarantee so your money is in safe hands in case the product fails to work for you.

Can Sciatica SOS Cure your Sciatica in 7 Days? – Review

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